Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Core Values and Goals

Vision Statement

Wayne Community College will be the preferred source for quality education and workforce preparedness to serve as a catalyst for economic growth.

Mission Statement

Wayne Community College (WCC) is a learning-centered, public, associate degree granting institution with an open-door admissions policy. WCC is located in Goldsboro, North Carolina, and is part of the North Carolina Community College System.

Wayne Community College’s mission is to meet the educational, training, and cultural needs of the communities it serves.

Core Values

The College is united in sharing these core values:

  • Communication:  Encourage open dialogue at all levels
  • Compassion:  Exhibit concern for others
  • Diversity:  Value and respect each person’s uniqueness
  • Equity: Ensure freedom from bias or favoritism
  • Excellence:  Set and meet high standards
  • Inclusion: Improve participation for all
  • Integrity:  Cultivate an environment of fairness and honesty
  • Leadership:  Develop and demonstrate leadership skills for our students, employees, and community
  • Learning:  Improve the quality of life by providing knowledge and developing skills
  • Service:  Foster a commitment in employees and students of serving and assisting others
  • Stewardship:  Hold ourselves accountable for the efficient and effective use of the resources entrusted to us
  • Teamwork:  Work together and encourage collaboration
  • Unity:  Operate as one college in purpose, plans, priorities, and processes


  1. Increase Student Access: Develop policies and practices that provide increased opportunities and remove barriers for all students to enter into, and successfully proceed through training programs or post-secondary education.
  2. Ensure Program Excellence: Develop and implement effective training and academic opportunities responsive to the needs of our community and industry partners.
  3. Improve Student Success: Prepare students to thrive in today’s global economy by increasing the number of students leaving with workforce ready credentials, skills, and/or university transfer pathways.
  4. Ensure Institutional Quality: Engage in organized, strategic, and data-informed planning to continually improve relevance and quality in all college administrative, students, and support services to ensure that the College’s vision, mission and goals will be achieved.